CrowdPlay game console

Self-service Jukebox for Games

CrowdPlay by Holoplex is a gaming device & cloud service that engages your guests with entertaining social experiences.
  • Increase Dwell Time

    Original games designed for bar & restaurant crowds.

  • Cloud Automation

    CrowdPlay runs 24/7 with no intervention.

Easy Installation

The CrowdPlay console is small enough to hide behind your TV and connects using the included HDMI cable.

Play Using Your Phone

Connect to your CrowdPlay console over the internet using just the web browser on your phone. Guests do NOT need your WiFi.

Multiplayer Games & More

Advertise your products with digital signage and survey guests for market insights.

CrowdPlay gaming with up to 20 players per TV

Games for Crowds

Engaging social experiences that lead to more dwell time. Guests play through a web browser - no install or registration.


Original games designed for 1-20 players per TV

Quick & easy to join at any time

Create communal experiences throughout your venue

  • Post-Game Digital Signage

    Display food & drink menus, promotions, and upcoming events. Even sell ad time to other local businesses.

  • Survey Your Guests

    Collect feedback from your guests during their visit and improve your success with our survey analytics.

  • Schedule You Control

    Games run on a playlist & players join at any time. Host weekly Trivia events and drive traffic on slow days.

Girl playing games

Entertained Guests Spend up to 21% More per Table Check

Group of people playing games

Engage the 18-34 Crowd

Keep your free-spending guests entertained with social games that bring them back week-over-week. Create communal experiences at the table, the bar, and throughout your entire venue.

Action Games

Cap Smash gameplay on a TV
Our 90-second casual games create excitement and fit into any spare moment.
Cap Smash gameplay on a phone

Games of Skill

Dart Pro gameplay on a TV
Players spend hours honing their skills and competing for rank on leaderboards.
Dart Pro gameplay on a phone

Social Games

Trivia Show gameplay on a TV
Raise the social vibe with team-based games that encourage brains and wit.
Trivia Show gameplay on a phone

Games of Chance

Bingo gameplay on a TV
Guests love opportunities to win. Run contests to keep them spending.
Bingo gameplay on a phone